Imagine a wedding celebration so legendary that it is still celebrated over 200 years later.

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A Legendary Festival

Oktoberfest is widely considered the most legendary of beer festivals in the world, but its origins are often unknown by its stein hoisting fans. It all began in October of 1810 as a celebration of the marriage of Prince Regent Ludwig of Bavaria (the future King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The main attraction was a horse race and it was intended to be a one-time event.

However, the celebration was so widely enjoyed that citizens demanded it be held again and started the annual tradition of Oktoberfest. With every passing year the legend of the festival only grew. It persisted through global challenges and wars, all the while evolving into what you may recognize and celebrate today.

The first epic beer tent holding 12,000 people was added in 1910, and we like to think that’s when the modern concept of the festival really got started. Today Oktoberfest is known as the world’s largest folk festival and serves over 6 million visitors while pouring over 7 million liters of beer. Oktoberfest truly is the most legendary beer festival in the world.

It’s this spirit that we’ve tried to capture in Copper Legend – our annual toast and tribute to the wedding so legendary that we’re still celebrating today.


Oktoberfest Celebration Essentials

Get dressed up! Wear a traditional lederhosen or dirndl to take part in the festivities. You’ll look awesome.

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Practice your stein hoist! Hold a one-liter stein filled to the top with water or beer in front of your body for as long as you can to crush the competition.


Eat traditional Oktoberfest fare! Warm pretzels, bratwurst, schweinebraten (roast pork), and German potato salad will get the party started.

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Teach Yourself German!

Be The Legend

Sei Die Legende

(sai dee le•enda)







Liter of Beer

Die Maß

(dee mas)

Thank you very much

Danke Shön

(dahn•kuh shern)

I’d like a Copper Legend please!

Ich möchte ein Copper Legend bitte!

(eek mer•kta ine Cop•per Le•gend bit•uh)

Next round is on them!

Die nächste Runde zahlen Sie!

(dee nekh•steh roon•deh tsah•lehn see)

This is my first Oktoberfest

Das ist mein erstes Oktoberfest

(das ist mein ears•tuh Oc•to•ber•fest)

Now raise a stein with us and become a legend